What We Do

At Bannon Communications, we offer strategic and tactical communications services to help you achieve your goals.  From speechwriting and thought leadership development to employee communications, crisis management and proactive public relations, Bannon Communications is prepared to be your full service communications partner.  Our expertise includes:

Strategic Communications Planning – We’ll work with you to develop a long-term communications plan that turns your employees into brand ambassadors, identifies channels to reach your external audience, and ensures the right messages are reaching the right people.  Most importantly, we’ll help you plan short- and long-term communications efforts that align directly with the achievement of your strategic organizational goals.

Speechwriting and Thought Leadership Communications – Throughout his career, Shawn Bannon has worked with the C-level executives of organizations including American Eagle Outfitters, BNY Mellon, K&L Gates, MARC USA, MEDRAD, PNC Financial Services, Reed Smith, United States Steel, and Westinghouse.  He’s written speeches for the Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, the Governor of Pennsylvania, and members of both the U.S. House and Senate.  And words he’s penned have been used by three presidential candidates – including one who went on to become the Commander-in-Chief.  Whether you’re running for elected office, running a Fortune 500 company or you just want to give an outstanding toast at your daughter’s wedding, let Shawn help you find the words that will bring your audience to its feet.

Media Relations – Let us reach out to our extensive network of media contacts and the trade press to build relationships on your behalf and to raise awareness of your product, service or cause.

Media Coaching – If you’re going to engage in media relations, you need to be prepared for media interviews.  Let us teach you how to present your message credibly and confidently and how to avoid the interview pitfalls that can lead to embarrassment and even long-term harm to the reputation of your organization.

Crisis Communications – Managing your operations when things go wrong can be tough enough without the pressure of a couple (or a dozen) print and broadcast reporters calling – or simply showing up in your lobby – for comment.  Make a mistake in the face of such trials, and the damage may be irreparable.  We can help you to plan how you’ll communicate in the event of a crisis, and we’re here to guide you through if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of managing through a crisis without a plan.

Copy Writing – Let us help you craft press releases, employee publications and other communications to share your story with your stakeholders and the world.

Personal Brand Development – If you’ve achieved a level of experience and a record of accomplishment, or if you’ve just got a truly unique perspective on a timely issue, we can work with you to develop a strategy to build your personal brand.  Whether your goal is to become a recognized expert that the media will call on for occasional comment or you want to tell your story on Oprah, we’ll help you earn the recognition that can get you there.

Place Making and Regional Promotion – In communities around the world, public and private sector leaders are working to make their home regions great places to live, work, run a business or raise a family.  The work of place making is challenging, and progress is fragile.  Let us help you develop the messaging that will support your efforts to build working coalitions in pursuit of better public policy.  And then let’s work together to develop a focused, long-term strategic public relations program that supports your business investment, talent and tourism attraction plans — a program that enables you to break through the noise and to tell your story to the business leaders, young professionals and travelers you most want to reach.

Bannon Communications is a Bannon Leadership Consulting affiliate company.